Steam Announcement

Coming to Steam 25th April 2024!

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Make Cocktails

Mix up an entire catalogue of ingredients into the most out of this world cocktails for your intergalactic patrons! Literally thousands of recipes at your fingertips from the start and with Free Mix you can save your own creations for customers to order!

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Upgrade Your Bar Ship

Discover new machines and upgrade your intergalactic Bar Ship with the latest interstellar technologies. Find the best upgrades to give you the edge in becoming the best Startender ins Sector 7C!

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Explore The Galaxy

Alongside an original and exciting story, The Startenders Academy offers you the opportunity to explore Pass The Headset, Free Mix, and Daily Play challenges!

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Startenders Is Available Now!

Avilable now on Steam, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Playstation VR, and PSVR 2!

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